Men get attracted with bigger breasts over small breasts

Men get attracted with bigger breasts over small breasts

The attraction between the boy and the girl always starts with physically. The physical features of the person are the main reason for getting attracted to each other. Men are apparently more interested in sexual activities and they love to admire the women in different ways. Right from the boys to the adult men, boobs are the main attraction for them. On the other hand unlike olden days, women of this generation want to increase their boob size if they have smaller boobs because they understand that boys get close with them only if they have sexy boobs.

 Having smaller boobs is not actually a problem to be considered but in terms of appearance women with small size boobs are upset about this as they could not show them sexier in the attire they choose. They don’t take it as a normal issue because they want to have bigger size boobs. Most of the ladies with smaller boobs never feel shame to admit that they need bigger boobs. They say that there is nothing wrong in desiring to grow bigger boobs and they are very sure about this.

Getting noticed

Men get attracted with bigger breasts over small breasts

No one knows that there is confidence in having bigger boobs and those that seek ideas for bigger boobs believe that having bigger boobs give them confidence whereas living with smaller boobs gives is not happy for them. When they have bigger boobs it will be noticed by many people and this gives them confidence that they look pretty and attractive. As they don’t have bigger boobs they think that they don’t get proper attention from others which decreases their confidence.

Men get attracted

The attraction of men towards the women is the main reason behind increasing the boob size. The ladies with smaller boobs think that they are noticed and men have no attraction towards them. When the girl has bigger boobs they are noticed immediately and get attracted by men soon. So to impress the men community and to increase the look to be sexier women try for bigger boobs. The sexier women are easily attracted by men but the women with smaller boobs are avoided for some reasons. To turn their look sexier and to feel the pleasure that men notices them and gets attracted to them, ladies try for bigger boobs.


Some women are interested in using breast pad, and fillets to keep inside showing that the boobs are big in size. Women will use the breast pad or the fillets inside their inner wear so that the boobs will appear bigger than the usual size. Increasing the size of the boobs is not connected with weight increase. No one should think that increasing the body weight will enhance the boob size but actually the size matters with what they are comfortable.