Tips for great sex life after marriage

Amazing sex tips

Sex is the most important part of married life. In-fact sex is the bond that keeps two individuals together. Here are some points that can help you enjoy your time on bed with your partner.

Great experience is something that everyone is looking for

Great sexual episode can happen only if both partners are feeling comfortable and safe. Both partners need to take care of each other’s needs. Guy might feel great if girl masturbates his penis, or keeps it in her mouth for few minutes. On the other hand, girl might get that cloud-nine experience when her guy manages to keep his weapon working continuously for half an hour inside her vagina.

Sexual Relationship

No one has mind reader in his or her phone, so, it is advisable to openly ask your partner and try to understand which particular sexual act she is looking for.

Only film stars and porn stars have perfect body

No one is perfect. If you or your partner is fat, it is advisable to never talk negative about each other’s looks. Never judge each other in terms of their weight and overall looks. Don’t allow your partner to talk negative about herself as well. Such topics can kill the sexual mood within seconds. No matter how you look, or no matter how she looks, just remember that she is the most important person for you because she is sleeping naked with you. She cares about you. She is allowing you to have sexual intercourse with her.

You can definitely watch porn videos or rape videos with special erotic stories to ignite the passion.

Never force your partner to do nasty things

Just open any news website and you would easily find at-least one news-story which involves problems in couples triggered due to anal sex or unnatural sex.

Do you want your love to be in pain, or do you wish to see her happy? Anal sex offers pleasing tightness for men, but it can tear anus tissue and result in a lot of pain and infections for woman. So, don’t force her to go for anal sex. Even if she insists, make sure that you use lubricant, and always act slowly.

Never refuse sex as punishment

Research suggests that some women say no to sex if they are displeased due to some argument or issues. This should be avoided at any cost, as it can introduce serious problems in married life. Same goes for men. Don’t link small issues of day to day life with sex. Forget what happens throughout the day, and only focus on satisfying each other while on bed.  Sex cannot be reward; neither should it be denied as punishment.